Growth requires vision.
We turn your vision into reality.

We are a full-service construction management company. We take your project from design through construction and occupancy.

We can provide design, permitting and construction management services, handling all aspects of your project development, including constructability review and value engineering, permit processing with approving government agencies, contractors, suppliers and project administration. We also provide specialized services such as surveying, archeological monitoring and soils engineering through our local subconsultants.

We have experience in county, state and federal-aid projects and also work with private developers for land development, resort, subdivision, industrial and other commercial projects.

We are forward-looking, anticipating issues that could possibly disrupt the project so that we can address them ahead of time, thereby ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget.

Our company is “grass-rooted” on Kaua‘i and we all live on island. Our principals are hands-on, involved in all aspects of every project and have extensive experience working with our county, state and federal agencies.

We partner with Bow Engineering & Development, Inc., our parent company, for a seamless garnering of additional manpower or specialized expertise when necessary. William H.Q. Bow is president of both Bow Construction Management Service, Inc. and Bow Engineering & Development, Inc.

We look forward to working with you.